Get Catering Dishwasher Spare Parts in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah

Finding spare parts for catering and commercial dishwashers may not be easy the first time if you are working with your regular electrician. While those electricians are experts in many repairs and parts, catering dishwasher spare parts may be a different story. Electricians who are not specialised in catering and commercial equipment may need to work on your dishwasher multiple times before fixing it and may not order the right spare parts immediately.

With Russell Electric, you can be sure that we will retrieve the correct spare parts, whether you are in Airlie Beach, Mackay or Moranbah. Often, Russell Electric has the needed spare parts already on hand and can service your catering dishwasher the same day you call. We are the best business to work with for your catering dishwasher spare parts and any other parts you need for commercial cooking equipment. Working exclusively on electric appliances, we work with pubs, clubs and restaurants in that area of Queensland and we can diagnose your problem right after you call us about it.

Russell Electric Goes Above and Beyond

With your catering dishwasher spare parts in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah, you can trust Russell Electric to go above and beyond to service your commercial appliances. That’s why we pledge to respond to your enquiry within the same business day. We understand that parts for your catering dishwasher are necessary to keep the equipment running. Dishwashers are important appliances in the food services and catering industries, and they need to be fixed right away when they are malfunctioning. Russell Electric can conduct those repairs while providing spare parts at a less expensive price than your regular electrician.

Our collaborations with major brands like Rational and Convotherm allow us to retrieve catering dishwasher spare parts at a cheaper price than others who do not have working relationships with such brands. Whether you are in Mackay, Airlie Beach or Moranbah, you can rely on Russell Electric’s quick response time and commitment to clients in Australia. Next time you are in need of dishwasher spare parts, contact Russell Electric first before scouring the Internet for general electricians. We can get your dishwasher up and running with the right spare parts before you know it.

Contact Us For More Services

While providing spare parts for your dishwasher is great, we want to point out that Russell Electric can also repair your other catering and commercial equipment, including slicers and toasters. We have also expanded beyond the food services industry and can conduct repairs for light industrial business, along with performing installations. We have expanded since we opened in 2006. The business is only growing bigger, bolstered by its reputation among clients and residents of Mackay, Airlie Beach and elsewhere. Trust Russell Electric for your catering dishwasher spare parts and your repairs and parts for many other pieces of commercial equipment. Our dedication to our customers is what sets Russell Electric apart from the rest.