Choose Authorised Service Agents for your Catering Gas Oven Electrician in Central Queensland: Airlie Beach, Mackay, and Moranbah

When your equipment breaks down, it is important that you find the right person to make the repairs. If you do not use a specialised catering gas oven electrician in Moranbah, you might end up with recurring problems on your machine. Russell Electric and Gas is a catering gas oven electrician in central Queensland that is an authorised service technician for most name brands. Because they specialise in repairing commercial kitchen appliances and equipment, you benefit from a company that not only has experience and education in the necessary repairs, but also access to the parts, tech support, and resources that ensure the repairs are handled correctly.

How Can a Catering Gas oven Electrician in Moranbah Help?

A catering gas oven electricianin Airlie Beach provides specialty service, maintenance, and repairs for your catering gas oven and other appliances. Because they have the training and expertise beyond a general electrician in Mackay, they can ensure that your appliances are free of any faults and will not lead to gas leaks, fires, explosions, or other problems. Russell Electric and Gas specialises in repairing and servicing commercial kitchen appliances, including coffee machines, dishwashers, combi ovens, toasters, slicers, blenders, urns, and more. Because they are authorised service agents for most name brands, you can feel confident that they will correctly assess and fix your catering gas oven.

Why it is Important to Use Authorised Service Agents for your Electrician in Central Queensland?

An authorised service agent means that the person has specialty training in servicing not only a specific type of appliance, but also a name brand. A catering gas oven electrician in Moranbah, Arlie Beach, and Mackay becomes an authorised service agent by undertaking training by the company that manufactures the equipment. Additionally, they have access to the correct parts for any repairs. By using an authorised service agent, you will not only ensure that your oven and other appliances are fixed appropriately, but you will also keep any applicable warranty on your appliances. Russell Electric and Gas are authorised service agents for many of the most popular name brands of ovens.

Russel Electric and Gas: Your Catering Gas Oven Electrician in Central Queensland

Russell Electric and Gas has provided a variety of commercial installation, repair and maintenance as a catering gas oven electrician in Mackay and the surrounding area since 2006. It began as Sunshine Electrical, before becoming Russell Electric and Gas in 2010. They specialise in servicing commercial food requirement for pubs, clubs, restaurants, fast food, and catering businesses. They believe in offering prompt and reliable service.

For urgent service during regular business hours, they will come within 3 hours to work on our appliances. If it is for regular maintenance and repair, this catering gas oven electrician in Airlie Beach will schedule a convenient time. Because they are authorised service agents, they are able to help you in ways that a general electrician will not be able to do. In addition to food service industry, they also provide help for commercial or light industrial equipment and machinery, including for engineering, agriculture, automotive, and coal testing.