Find Catering Oven Repairs in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah

Catering ovens can be complicated machines that require specific parts. Russell Electric, located in Mackay, specialises in catering appliances and their repairs and spare parts. Though your normal electrician may be able to fix many electrical problems, catering ovens are a different story and often require another level of knowledge. A day-to-day electrician likely does not know the ins-and-outs of catering appliances and ovens. Russell Electric, on the other hand, can help with your catering oven repairs in Airlie Beach or Moranbah by responding within the same business day of the enquiry. That way, your catering oven will not be broken for much longer, which could result in negative consequences for your business. Russell Electric serves pubs and restaurants, like McDonald’s Family Restaurants, in that region of the Queensland coast. Our regular clients are pleased with the work we do to maintain and repair many catering ovens and other commercial appliances. The next time your catering oven breaks or begins to malfunction, give a call to Russell Electric so we can start as quickly as possible on your catering oven repairs.

Russell Electric Fixes a Variety of Catering Equipment

Catering ovens are one of our specialties, but Russell Electric also serves many kinds of commercial equipment. We can fix slicers, blenders and mixers, pizza ovens and impingers all the way to deep fryers. We can service all your commercial equipment with repairs, and spare parts as well. That’s what makes Russell Electric a great place to call for your catering oven repairs in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah. Not only can we service your catering oven, but we can work on your other commercial electric equipment as well. Don’t forget that Russell Electric can also provide you the spare parts you need for those items. You will not regret keeping spare parts on hand when one of them breaks or malfunctions in your catering oven. Order our spare parts online or give us a call at our location in Mackay.

Enjoy High Level of Service

At Russell Electric, we pride ourselves in our level of service to both our regular and new clients. We serve those who work in food service, along with the engineering and agricultural industries due to our light industrial repair and installation capabilities. Due to our efforts to respond to your maintenance enquiry within the same business day, you will have your catering oven up and running again in no time. In contrast, your day-to-day electrician may have to make a few trips to achieve that same end.

Choose Russell Electric for your catering oven repairs and for service needs for your other commercial equipment. Our regular clients know we are reliable for our prompt replies and our dedication to servicing every equipment need. Catering equipment can be difficult to maintain on your own, but with the help of Russell Electric, you can focus on your other business needs rather than the mechanical aspects of your specific equipment.