Get the Best Catering Oven Spare Parts in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah

If you have a catering oven in your business, you know that such a complex piece of equipment will need spare parts on hand in case it fails. Catering ovens are very important to catering and food businesses, and if they malfunction, your business could be impacted for days or longer. While a general electrician may not know how to service catering ovens right away, we at Russell Electric can provide catering oven spare parts at a cheaper cost than a day-to-day electrician can provide.

If you’re located in Airlie Beach, Mackay or Moranbah, you can benefit from the assistance of Russell Electric for all sorts of commercial equipment. We service everything from urns and boilers to engineering machinery, though we specialise in catering needs. Our clients in the food services have learned that they can rely on us for prompt, reliable services to their catering equipment. Your catering oven will be in safe hands with Russell Electric, who will help you find the best catering oven spare parts in the area.

Find Cost-Effective Spare Parts in the Mackay Area

Russell Electric first opened in Mackay in 2006, and since then we’ve acquired other commercial catering service businesses in the area. We’ve done that in order to better serve our clients with their catering oven spare parts and other equipment they need in the Airlie Beach and Moranbah areas. As a result of our partnership with brands such as Washtec, Woodson and Norris, we can acquire your spare parts cost-effectively and more quickly than other electricians who don’t have the same relationship with the major brands that make commercial and catering equipment. You can rely on Russell Electric for your catering oven spare parts in Airlie Beach, Mackay, Moranbah and all the way south to Sarina.

We can travel a long way just to service your equipment when you are in need, and make sure you get the best deals possible on your spare parts. The next time your catering oven breaks down or if you are considering buying new spare parts, give us a call or visit our website at to view our spare parts order form. In our effort to minimise downtime caused by malfunctioning commercial equipment, we will work as quickly as possible to get your spare parts and repairs completed so you can get your business up and running again.

Service Your Hotels and Motels With Russell Electric

Though we like to discuss our catering equipment specialty, Russell Electric has expanded its services to assist light industrial entities with commercial equipment. For example, Russell Electric can also serve hotels and motels with their cooking equipment needs. If you’re an innkeeper whose equipment has shut down or broken in Airlie Beach or Mackay, don’t hesitate to call Russell Electric. We can come out to your hotel and motel and service your commercial equipment just like we can with those in the food service industry.