Request Quality Commercial Appliance Repairs in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah

With one visit, Russell Electric can service your commercial appliance repairs, when regular electricians might take a few trips to fix them. With parts on hand, Russell Electric can respond to your repair enquiries within the same business day. We will go above and beyond to keep your equipment in service. Currently, we serve local cafes and restaurants in Airlie Beach and Mackay and the mines in Moranbah for their commercial appliance repairs, but we also specialise in catering appliance spare parts and fixes.

Since 2006, Russell Electric has expanded beyond the Mackay area to buy out well-known commercial catering service and repair businesses. The acquisitions were part of Russell Electric’s goal to serve clients with their commercial and catering appliance needs. Next time you need to service your commercial appliance in Airlie Beach, Moranbah or Mackay, give a call to Russell Electric to receive a quote and professional, reliable service within the same business day.

Contact Spare Parts Specialists For Commercial Equipment

Brands like Stoddarts, Moffat and Roband rely on Russell Electric to supply quality spare parts and to perform commercial appliance repairs in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah. We serve as far south as Sarina and can travel for commercial appliance needs in that area of Queensland. Our spare parts are often cheaper and quicker to obtain than parts ordered by a regular electrician. Electricians who are not specifically trained in commercial appliance repairs may not know firsthand how to repair such appliances and catering equipment. Russell Electric specialises in that machinery and can get it up and running as soon as possible.

Don’t feel the need to delay your business or work around malfunctioning commercial appliances. Without fixing them right away, you may experience profit loss and need to work harder to compensate for the loss. Meanwhile, your regular electrician may need to make numerous trips for an easy fix that a specialised electrician with Russell Electric can repair in one trip. Count on Russell Electric for your repairs and your spare parts. We can get the job done right the first time.

Russell Electric Serves Pubs and Restaurants

Food service equipment is vital to keep up and running in pubs, clubs, fast food restaurants and sit-down restaurants. Without well-functioning commercial and catering appliances in such establishments, business will be negatively affected. Seek out Russell Electric if you work in a restaurant in the Mackay area or in Airlie Beach. Attracting customers to your restaurant will not work as effectively with broken commercial equipment. We can service everything from your coffee machines to your to fryers and paster cookers. Contact us if you need repairs or spare parts so we can stop by within the same business day and get your business running again with the proper equipment. Russell Electric is your number one pick for commercial appliance repair specialists in the Moranbah area of Queensland. Fill out a spare parts form online or give us a call.