Buy Commercial Appliance Spare Parts in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah

When your commercial appliances break or need spare parts, your day-to-day electrician may not know how to deal with such specialised equipment. At Russell Electric in the Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah area, our electricians are specifically trained to repair catering appliances and to provide commercial appliance spare parts for food service vendors, cafes and more. We can retrieve your spare parts at a less expensive cost and receive them more quickly than a general electrician who is mostly unfamiliar with commercial appliances.

The general rule at Russell Electric is to respond to calls within the same day, whether you are in Moranbah or Airlie Beach, so your repair request will be taken care of quickly. Online, you can submit a spare parts request at We seek to make commercial appliance spare parts accessible and convenient for clients, rather than making several trips to your location and ordering the wrong spare parts the first time. Our partnerships with major brands ensures a cost-effective service for your spare parts instead of waiting for your general electrician to find something that is likely to be more expensive.

Use Commercial Spare Parts in Your Restaurant

If you own a pub, club or restaurant in the Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah area, you may consider contacting Russell Electric for your commercial appliance spare parts needs. Located in Mackay, Russell Electric can travel to your city in that area north of Brisbane to service your commercial and catering appliances. Buying spare parts for your commercial appliance is recommended so that you will have fixes on hand when your appliance fails or needs a part exchanged. This reduces the likelihood of downtime in your pub or restaurant due to the failure of your appliance.

Commercial appliance spare parts in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Moranbah are easy to find as long as you contact Russell Electric as your premier source. Where your day-to-day electrician may fail, we can assist you with your spare parts and can continue to service your appliances long into the future. Our regular clients can attest to our commitment to regularly serve your commercial appliances so that you never have to worry about halting business in order to fix them or buy spare parts.

Russell Electric Serves Automotive and Coal Industries

Though Russell Electric specialises in catering appliances, we have expanded our business to include the coal testing, engineering and agriculture industries. We can often perform light industrial installations and repairs all the way out in Moranbah. Russell Electric services farm irrigation pumps, workshop hoists, coal lab equipment and new small commercial installations. Whether or not you own catering or commercial equipment, Russell Electric may still be able to help you out with your light industrial needs in that region of Queensland. Give us a call and we will seek to respond to your enquiry within one business day. Count on Russell Electric to service your commercial and light industrial equipment.